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Car crash with Updating Your Liability headline

Every car on the road in California is required to have liability coverage that will pay for the injuries and property damage that the driver may be responsible for. It’s a way to protect society and avoid people being unfairly burdened with expenses. One of the issues of liability, however, is that the same minimum limits have been around since the 1960’s. This can be a problem because during the past 50 years, prices have gone up quite a bit. A new car back then may have cost close to $3,000, but now new cars are often worth $25,000 or more. So if, for example, you have only $5,000 or $10,000 property damage liability as the law allows, you don’t have a lot of coverage. You can still be held responsible for the difference between your coverage and the damages and injuries that you cause. So we recommend increasing your coverage in a way that makes sense to you and gives you peace of mind. Often the difference in price can be just a few dollars more.

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