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Compare the Top Car Insurance Companies and Save!

Why choose InVision for auto insurance?

InVision is a unique auto insurance agency with unique advantages including... 

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No broker fees!

We do not charge any broker or agency fees. Ever!

More options

We are independent agents that represent different car insurance companies in order to find you the right coverage at the right price.

Quick and easy

You can easily get an insurance quote or help with your policy by calling/texting us at 323-773-4429 or sending us an email to

What auto insurance options does InVision offer you?

We offer different auto insurance options to our customers including...

Liability Coverage

We offer basic liability coverage for those trying to save money but still comply with what the law requires.

Physical Damage

We offer physical damage coverage that protects your car from theft, vandalism, collision, fire, and more.  Some refer to this as "full coverage." but we recommend that you speak to your agent and confirm what your auto insurance policy actually covers.

Package Policies

We can package your home and auto insurance to save you even more money on both policies. 


If you have some tickets and accidents on your record, no problem.  We offer car insurance companies that specialize in drivers that have a "less than perfect" driving record.


Need SR-22 insurance?  We offer SR-22 filings with no broker fees!

Roadside Service

All of our insurance companies offer roadside assistance service for those that want to add this option.

Good Drivers

Have a clean record?  We offer companies like Mercury Insurance and Progressive Insurance that give special discounts and rates for those drivers that have a good driving record.

Instant ID Cards

If you need insurance ID Cards right away, we can usually get you some by text or email within a few minutes of your request. 

Three smart tips for auto insurance buyers


GET OPTIONS - Put yourself in the "driver's seat" and ask for different options so that you can decide which car insurance choice is best for YOU!  Everyone is different so finding out the options can help you get what you really need.


ASK QUESTIONS - Don’t be shy to ask any question that you have about car insurance.  A good agent will appreciate this, and it empowers you to find the right option and avoid surprises down the line. 


STABILITY MATTERS - Large and established car insurance companies often have certain advantages that allow them to offer a more competitive price and better claims experience.  This is why InVision has selected quality car insurance companies such as Mercury Insurance, Progressive Insurance, and Kemper Auto to offer to its customers.

Compare Top Auto Insurance Companies!

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