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Compare the Top Home
Insurance Companies

Why choose InVision home insurance?

InVision has been offering home insurance since it started in 2009.  Here are certain advantages that make us different

Bundling Savings

Bundle your home and auto insurance to save money on both.

Many Discounts

You can save a lot of money with all the different homeowner discounts that are available including New Home, Theft Alarm, Fire Alarm, Claims-Free, Homeowners Association, and more.

Mortage Friendly

Whether you are buying a new home or refinancing, we work directly with your mortgage company to make sure they get proof of insurance and don't add their own insurance.

What home insurance options do we offer?

InVision has a lot of different home insurance options to serve you including...

Coverage Options

Your home may be your biggest asset and investment so having the right coverage is important to avoid it being affected.  We help you understand the coverage that is available so that you can decide which option are best for you.

Higher Risk 

Homes that are older or near areas with a lot of brush/trees are often considered to be higher risk and harder to insure.  We offer different companies that give us the flexibility to insure most high-risk homes..  

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If you live in California, earthquakes are a part of life. Our insurance companies offer earthquake insurance for those that want to protect themselves against this type of risk. 

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Mortgage Pay

For those people that have their home insurance "impounded" and paid for by their mortgage company, we make it easy to switch to one of our insurance companies.  We directly communicate with your mortgage company so that they are aware of the change and make arrangements for them to fund the new policy.  


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We offer condominium insurance or "HO6" policies that are designed for condo owners and offer special coverages such as loss assessments and interior features/improvements.  

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If you rent a home or apartment but would like to protect all your belongings, we offer renter's insurance.  The cost is often very low for the protection you get. And if you bundle it with your auto insurance, you save even more.

Three smart tips for home insurance buyers


TAKE TIME TO LEARN - Invest time to learn about your home insurance coverage by asking your agent to review your policy including coverages and coverage exclusions.  Learning about your policy after a claim happens can lead to surprises and big expenses.


BE IN CONTROL - When buying a new home or refinancing, homeowners often allow the escrow/mortgage company to find insurance without learning what type of policy they have and what is their coverage.  This can lead to overpaying and surprises during a claim situation. Take the time to learn about your home insurance policy and seek out the options that are best for you.  


PARTNER WITH YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY - Insurance companies will often offer discounted ways to protect your home.  For example, one of our insurers offers water detection and shut-off devices at a big discount. Take advantage of these opportunities that benefit you and your home insurance company.

Compare the Top Home Insurance Companies

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