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Need help submitting your Federal & State Taxes.  Look no further.  InVision can make it easy and fast for you.  Sign up today for a video or in person appointment. Call us at 323-773-4429 if you have questions.

Blocks spelling "TAX" with Invision logo in the back

Our Tax Preparation Program Offers...


Quality Tax Return

All taxes are reviewed by a licensed & trained tax professional to make sure they are done correctly and with all qualifying deductions & credits.  


Low Cost Prep

Just like with our insurance, our fees are lower than most.  Our fee is $75 per filing for current insurance customers and $100 for the general public.


Easy & Fast Submission

All taxes are submitted electronically so that they are processed faster by IRS & the State. 

Make Your Appointment Today!

In order for us to offer low prices and convenient service, we have some restrictions/ limitations with the tax filing we will process:

  • Must have a Social Security or current ITIN for all involved in tax filing.

  • No business, rental unit or self employment income.

  • No cash or 1099 income.

  • Must have submitted a tax filing within the past 3 years.

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