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Taxes Made Easy

Why choose InVision tax service?

Choosing the right tax preparer can make a difference. Here is why you should choose InVision...

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Quality Tax Return

 All taxes are processed by a licensed & trained tax professional to make sure they are done correctly and with all qualifying deductions & credits.

Low Cost Tax Prep

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Just like with the insurance options we offer, our tax fees are lower than most and without any hidden costs.  Basic "short form" filing costs is $100 for new tax clients and $75 for existing.

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Easy & Fast Filing

All taxes are submitted electronically so they are processed faster by IRS.  We are also able to conveniently meet with our clients in person by phone/video.

What InVision tax preparation offers you?

InVision offers low-cost, high-quality, and fast tax service.  Here are some of the benefits available to our customers...



For those customers that have an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number),  we can easily submit your tax return electronically to the IRS and the FTB (State). 


Short Form (Standard Deduction)

Most taxes use the "short form" and can be easily prepared and filed on the same day they are started. 


Long Form (Itemized Deductions)

We can assist those individuals that need to itemize their deductions.  Our tax preparers will take the time to identify every deduction that you may qualify for.


Gig Jobs

If you do a "gig job" such as Uber/Lyft, we can assist you with preparing your taxes as required by the IRS.  We highly recommend that you keep track of your mileage while working.  



All the income taxes we prepare get submitted to the IRS via e-File, which allows it to be processed faster and avoids delays.


Direct Deposit

Around 90% of our customers select direct deposit for their refunds.  This makes it faster and avoids a check being lost in the mail.  


No Extra Bank Fees

To save our customers money, we do not involve any banks or other organizations in our tax preparation business.  Tax filings are submitted directly to the IRS and any refunds are sent directly to the customer.


Past Taxes

If you need help with past taxes, we can help you going back up to 5 tax years.  Note that we are unable to fix or resubmit taxes that were processed by another tax professional.  

Three smart tips for your tax preparation



ASK AWAY - It’s your money so you should ask questions and seek to better understand your own taxes.  The more you can understand, the more you can be involved in helping to find every deduction and credit that is available to you.  Chances are that your tax preparer will be happy to answer your questions.  If they are not, time to find a new tax professional.



HAVING THE RIGHT GOAL WILL HELP AND KEEP YOU OUT OF TROUBLE  - When preparing your taxes, your goal should be not to pay any more taxes than you should but also not any less.  It means that your tax preparer is reviewing all available deductions and credits with you but not cutting any corners.  There are no “special tricks” with taxes and not following IRS rules can eventually lead to more problems.



GOOD SECURITY IS IMPORTANT - Processing taxes requires a lot of security measures to make sure your personal information is protected.  Make sure that whoever is processing your taxes can explain to you the measures that they take to guard your identity, and that they are complying with IRS requirements and suggestions 

Tax Preparation
Made Easy

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