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Why choose InVision for small business insurance?

InVision goes above and beyond to help small businesses like yours includling...

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Small Business Focus

We focus on local, small businesses that are looking for affordable ways to protect themselves and for a partner that will support them beyond just insurance.

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We empower you by helping you learn about commercial insurance options so that you can find the right coverage and price for your small business.

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Community Focused

We find opportunities to support local businesses and organizations in different ways such as community classes, and networking.

What business insurance options do we offer?

Every small business is unique and their business insurance policies should match. Here are a few options that we can offer businesses like yours...

General Liability (GL)

We offer General Liability coverage for small businesses and contractors that are looking to protect themselves against liability claims while at the same time complying with requirements that their customers and the State may have.

Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation is often the most expensive cost for a small business.  We are able to compare the price of different insurance companies to find you the right option at the right price. 

Business Owners Policies (BOP)

BOP is a popular commercial insurance policy.  It allows a small business owner to conveniently buy different coverage options such as general liability and business property, all in one policy. 


Contractors are an important part of our economy.  We offer insurance companies that specialize in different types of contractors including HVAC installers, electricians, and plumbers.

Business Auto

Business auto insurance is the most common commercial policy we sell.  We are able to insure most vehicles...from a small pickup to a cherry picker to a large box truck.


Restaurants face many risks that need to be managed with the help of commercial insurance.  We are able to shop different insurance companies that specialize in food-serving businesses including bakeries, family restaurants, and juice bars


Retail businesses are common in our community and often have a lot of inventory that needs to be protected.  We offer business insurance options to fit most budgets and coverage needs. 


We offer insurance options for all types of service businesses including beauty salons & barber shops, real estate agencies, and mechanic shops.  

Three smart tips for business insurance buyers


LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE - Insuring your small business means a lot more than just buying an insurance policy.  It’s about protecting your income hard work and the future.  It's important to take this perspective when buying insurance so that you can focus on the coverage that makes the most sense for your business.


THE BENEFITS OF BUNDLING - Did you know that you can bundle your small business insurance policies? For example, you may be able to bundle your Workers' Compensation and BOP policies together with just one insurance company.  This can lead to savings and the convenience of working with just one company.


SHOP AROUND FOR WORKERS' COMPENSATION INSURANCE - Workers' Comp Insurance can be one of the biggest expenses for a small business.  So when you are shopping around, its important to get at least three quotes.  This helps you to find an insurance company that specializes on your type of business.  Also, make sure you tell your insurance provider of any ways that avoid work-related injuries in your business.  This can lead to discounts and lower rates.

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