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Get an SR-22 Today!

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Getting a California SR-22 from InVision Insurance Services is easy and economical.  The first step is to get a quote from us and if you like the price, we can get the SR-22 issued instantly.  What allows us to be cheaper is that we don't charge broker fees.  If interested, please call us at (323) 773-4429 or request a quote online.

What is a SR-22?

SR-22 filing is a way for certain drivers to keep their driver license status as active by having their insurance company file with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that they are meeting the minimum insurance requirements in California.  The SR-22 is required for a set amount of time, often 2 years but it can be longer.  It's important for the driver not to let their car insurance cancel because this would invalidate the SR-22 and result in their license being suspended.

Do I need a SR-22?

If you are convicted of Driving Under the Influence (DUI/DWI), you will most likely need a SR-22.  You may also need it if you are involved in an accident without insurance or have too many moving violations in a short amount of time.  The DMV would notify you that the SR-22 is required in order to keep your license active.  If you want to confirm if you need an SR-22 filing, you can call the DMV financial responsibility unit at (916) 657-6677.

How do I get a SR-22?

The easiest way to get an SR-22 is just to add it to your current auto insurance policy.  Some insurance agents/brokers don't tell you this and sell you a new insurance policy with the SR-22.  This is when it can get expensive.  If you don't have auto insurance or your current policy is too expensive contact InVision Insurance so we can give you a quick quote with the SR-22.  We can offer you a cheaper price because we don't charge any broker fees and work with insurance companies that specialize in SR-22's.

Get an SR-22 Today!

Car with driver with heart shape talking bubble
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