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The words The Meaning of Life Insurance with an image of a family in the background that is happy and has an umbrella over them

Of all my insurance policies, Life Insurance is the most important one. To me, Life Insurance means that my wife will be able to continue to take care of my special-needs daughter without having to work. It means my wife and daughter not having to worry about money and be able to continue to live in the same house. It means my daughter has options as she grows up to help her continue to develop. It means not having my family have to do car washes or fundraisers to collect money for my final expenses like burial costs. I know Life Insurance can be a difficult topic but I could not imagine being without it. If you believe Life Insurance can help you and your family please call our Bell Gardens office at 323-773-4429 to get more information and a quote. Prices start at $15 a month but most average around $30 for the coverage and plan that customers end up choosing.

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