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Tax season is upon us and so here three tax tips that will help you in 2022:

  • If you have dependents that are 17 years and younger, make sure you got the 6419 Letter from the IRS that confirms how much of the Advanced Child Tax Credit you received from July to December 2021. Your tax professional or software will ask for this information. If you have not received the 6419 Letter, you can create an account with the IRS by visiting this LINK which will provide you with this document.

  • If you and your dependents did not receive the $1,400 stimulus payment (per person) in 2021 and you qualified to get it, make sure you include that in your taxes so that you can receive that money. If you are not sure if you got this money, the above login to your IRS account will show you this information.

  • If you gave money to a qualifying charity, which may include a church, you can deduct up to $300 for Single filers and $600 for Married, and still use the "short form" or standard deduction. Receipts are not necessary, but it is recommended that you provide the name of charity and date of donation.

As you may know, we offer tax preparation services and give a special discount to our insurance customers. Here is a LINK for more information and to make your appointment.

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