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Caption YOUNG DRIVERS with picture belong of young person in car

Regrettably the number one cause of deaths among teens is motor traffic accidents. So every parent should come up with a plan to help their child be safe on the road. According to The New York Times article by Perri Klass (link), research indicates that one of the best ways to help young drivers be safer is to give them supervised driving experience in all kinds of road conditions. The parent or guide can point out different possible hazards and how to drive safer. The more experience, the better and less likely that they will be in an accident. Klass also points out that parents don’t use technology enough. There are apps and devices that can monitor how a car is driven and alert parents of potential problems (i.e. speed, location of car, time of driving, etc). Finally, the article talks about how very often families give the oldest car to a child, which may not be the safest. It’s always recommended to know the safety features and ratings of a car from reputable sources like the IIHS.

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