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Picture of Yucatecan Food

The State of Yucatan in Mexico is a special place for me. I grew up and lived there many years and have family that I visit every couple of years. It’s a unique place with its own culture, traditions such as las Bombas! (it’s a short & funny poem that ends with Bomba!)...and FOOD! Yucatecan cuisine is very different from anything else in Mexico and it's not easy to find even in the Los Angeles area, but there are a few hidden gems. One of my favorites is Conde Cakes in Bell (link with more info). It’s a small “panaderia” that sells Cochinita Pibil by the pound and has traditional pastries such as Hojaldra. There is also a restaurant Chichen Itza near downtown Los Angeles (link with more info) that offers traditional dishes like Queso Relleno (my favorite) and Sopa de Lima . And if you like cooking, you can click on this link for some recipes. For those of you that have never tried Yucatecan food, give it a’s very flavorful and like nothing else out there.

--- Rafael Arredondo, President & Agent

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