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Text Really? with picture of couple acting surprised

Whoever came up with the saying “truth is stranger than fiction” could have been thinking about insurance claims. Here are some interesting claim situations shared by our colleagues at Webb Insurance in Missouri:

  • “A motivational speaker had to get their insurance company involved when a volunteer from their audience sustained injuries, after being encouraged by the speaker to break a board with their hands.”

  • “Two children buried their parents’ video camera in the sand during a family beach vacation. Unfortunately, they couldn’t remember where they put it!’”

  • “While driving on country roads in a fancy red sports car, one man attempted to get a herd of goats out of the middle of the road by honking at them – which startled the goats so much they jumped on top of the car! One even battered his horns on the driver’s side door.”

Our agency has come across some interesting claims as well. Goes to show you...if you have a claim situation that you think is unusual or weird, you are not alone.

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