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Shocked looking person with text SHOCKING INFO

Distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents in California. Here is are some shocking facts about distracted driving shared by End Distracted Driving and Policy Advice:

  • Texting and driving is generally 5 times more dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol, per National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

  • On average it takes 4 seconds to read or return a text…a vehicle going 55mph travels the length of a football field during this time.

  • Half of all teen accidents involved distracted driving.

  • Teens are 2 to 4 times as likely to drive distracted if their parents do as well.

  • Everyday there are 9 fatalities and 1,000 injuries due to distracted driving.

  • 52% of distracted driving is eating while driving.

  • A teen driving with one passenger is 2 times more likely to get into a severe accident. When they have more than 1 passenger, they are 5 times more likely.

These statistics shocked me even though I often see the impact of distracted driving. Hopefully it’s a strong reminder for all of us how important it is to focus on the road.

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