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Uninsured Motorist with Caption Not Fair

Imagine you are driving down the road and all of the sudden you are hit from behind. Fortunately everyone is OK and so you start the process of getting the other person's insurance information to get help with your expenses. That's when you find out, THEY DON’T HAVE INSURANCE. At that point, you may be stuck with unexpected expenses. NOT FAIR!!!. We see this happen quite often...around 1 in 3 collision claims that we come across involve someone without insurance This is why we encourage everyone to get Uninsured Motorist coverage. This coverage could help pay expenses such as the repairs of your car (or reimbursement of your deductible), medical bills, lost time from work and pain & suffering. And the price is usually lower than most people expect. Check your policy to make sure you have it and if you don’t, call us to get more details. This coverage can make an unfair situation a lot easier.

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