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The text No Broker Fees! with many question marks in the background.

WARNING: Shameless Bragging Ahead! InVision Insurance is proud to be one of the few independent insurance offices in California not to charge any broker fees. Some may ask, “what is a broker fee?”. Broker fees are additional fees that can be added by a broker to an insurance policy…often for auto insurance. The idea is that a broker represents the customer, so they charge them a fee. However, fees are often abused with some brokers charging hundreds of dollars in extra costs for a new policy and even for changes. InVision is different. When my wife and I started the agency in 2009, one of our primary goals was not to charge fees and focus more on helping customers. We felt that if we took good care of our customers…they would take good care of us and stay with us for a long time. After 15 years, it has worked!

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