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Female police officer with thumbs up with 2024 numbers above

Every year there are new driving laws that affect all of us in California.  We compiled a list of the 6 most important ones:

  • Traffic Stops (AB 2773) - Gone are the days that officers just ask…”do you know why I am pulling you over?”  With this law, an officer has to tell you the reason you are being stopped before asking any questions.

  • Speed Cameras (AB 645) - This is a test program that allows certain cities to place cameras in high risk areas and school zones that automatically give tickets to those that go above 11-15 mph over the speed limit.

  • Ban On Cruising Prohibitions (AB 436) - Prevents cities from banning people from cruising (driving down the street for social reasons) or simply driving in a suspension-modified vehicle like a lowrider.

  • Traffic Stops for Expired Tags (AB 256 / Effective July 1, 2024) - Prevents an officer from pulling over a vehicle solely because their registration tags have expired unless they have been expired for over 2 months.

  • Stopping Near Crosswalks (AB 413) - Makes it illegal for any car to stop or park within 20 feet of a crosswalk.  

  • Vehicles Parked in Bicycle Lanes (AB 361) - Allows police departments to install cameras in cars that automatically give tickets to those that are parked in bike lanes.

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