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Picture of man looking towards sun and feeling the heat

It’s getting warm out there and so we asked the InVision Team of the ways that they beat the heat. Here are the “coolest” answers:

  • “GET OUT TO THE BEACH” - If you see that the temperatures will be soaring in the upcoming weekend, head out to one of our local beaches (Newport Beach is my favorite) or up to higher, cooler climates like Cresline/Lake Gregory. They are usually within an hour and a half drive and can be cooler by 20 degrees or more than the City.

  • “A NICE REFRESHING DRINK” - I am not sure what kind of “refreshing drink” this team member was referring to and maybe it was best that I did not ask. But it’s a great point. A nice cool glass of water (or your preferred “refreshment”) can make a difference.

  • “LA MICHOACANA!” - A nice thing about living in a Latino community is the traditional snack bars that offer “paletas” (popsicles), “raspandos” (shaved ice), and other cool treats. Just around our office, there are a bunch of them including La Michoacana Plus and La Michoacana VIP.

  • “SIT AT HOME AND BLAST THE AC!” - To the point but effective. For those that have air conditioning, staying home can be as cool as it gets.

Hope these tips are useful. If you want to share with the InVision Team how you cool off, let us know at

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