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It’s important to do a full review of your car insurance coverage with your agent every year to two years. This is because changes in your life affect what insurance you may need. Here are a couple of examples:

  • You bought a new house - We recommend increasing your liability coverage because not having enough in an accident could put your current or future home equity at risk.

  • You start using your car for work - Whether you use your car for Uber/Lyft or just go to different job sites during your work day, we would recommend that you make sure your policy covers you for this type of work-related usage. A standard auto insurance company generally just covers personal and commute usage only.

And doing a review has the added benefit of making sure that you are taking full advantage of available discounts and price savings. If you would like us to do a free-of-charge comprehensive review of your car insurance, please call our bell Gardens office at 323-773-4429 and ask for Rafael.

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