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Cyber Insurance is fast-growing right now. It’s designed to cover online threats including:

  • Ransomware - This is an increasing threat that involves someone taking over your computer data and asking for money in order for you to get it back.

  • Computer Virus - This is when a virus gets into your computer or network, and damages the hardware/software.

  • Data Breach - This type of attack involves someone getting access to your data and other personal information.

The best way to protect yourself is by guarding your computer and network. Here are 5 suggestions from the Federal Trade Commision on how to do this. But you can also buy insurance just in case something happens and get help to deal with the situation and its costs. This can be a separate policy or sometimes you can add it to a business or homeowners insurance policy. If you have questions about Cyber Insurance, please call our Bell Gardens office at 323-773-4429.

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