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Cartoon picture of thief inside car

One of our customers recently had a tough week. All within a week, she had a catalytic converter and two entire cars stolen.  Neighbors were hit too.  So what can you do about this?  One is getting car insurance coverage that would protect you from theft…often referred to as Comprehensive coverage.  You can also park your car in a well-lit area and add a motion detection light/camera to your driveway.  Some people also put a GPS device like an AirTag or Tile Tracker to their car, but you have to be very careful with this.  Never confront someone that you suspect stole your car. There are many many examples of people that have been hurt or worse because they did not call the police right away…I personally know someone.  Also, if you have a Kia or Hyundai vehicle, make sure you have the latest security update.  These vehicles are among the most stolen in our area right now because of a TikTok challenge that takes advantage of a security flaw.

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