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Foto of camera on windshield of car with text below WHAT IS A CAR DVR?

Imagine you're driving down the road when all of the sudden, someone goes into your lane and hits your car. You both stop and exchange information. When you ask the other person why they hit you…they ask why YOU hit them. And so it becomes your word against theirs. And if there are no witnesses, police report or evidence that confirms your version, the insurance companies can’t determine who is telling the truth. This would not make the accident your fault but it can lead to having to pay for your deductible or damages to your car. This is clearly not fair but is a reality with car accidents and insurance. So this is why we highly recommend that everyone get a Car DVR (or Dash Cam) that is always recording the road as you drive. That way if something happens, you have evidence to show what REALLY happened. There are hundreds of options but we recommend the Garmin Dash Cam Mini that is affordable, small, easy to install and from a well-known brand.

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