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Picture of catalytic converter with caption CATALYTIC CONVERTER THEFTS!

You may have heard that the theft of catalytic converters is on the rise. The catalytic converter is a device underneath a car that is designed to convert harmful gasses from the motor to a more safe emission. The reason they are often stolen is because they contain valuable and rare metals that can be sold. These metals have gone up in price so it has become a lot more profitable for thieves. Interestingly enough, hybrid vehicles like Toyota Prius’ are especially targeted because they have a greater concentration of these metals. So the big question is…what can you do to protect yourself? First recommendation is to avoid being a target altogether by parking in a well-lit and visible area. You can also buy protective devices that make it harder for thieves. Some people even paint their converter or etch/write their VIN on it but there is little proof that this actually works. Insurance can also help. If you have Comprehensive coverage for your vehicle, you could have your insurance company help you pay to replace the stolen catalytic converter, minus your deductible.

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