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Cartoon man on a computer

Many of you have been hearing about Artificial Intelligence or AI (it’s when computers simulating people) in the news and how it is going to change our lives. But you may be wondering…what does this mean to ME right NOW? At this point, its availability to the public is still limited but there are some ways you can use AI. For example, there are new search engines like Perplexity that use AI to help you find the information you need faster and more directly. You also can also use ChatGPT or Google Gemini for free to help you write stories, poems or even help you plan meals with the food that is in your fridge right now. Gemini is also able to generate images like I did in this newsletter. Personally, I believe AI will revolutionize our lives and because of that, I am trying to become familiar with it. Certainly, I have my concerns that this technology can be used in destructive ways, but I figured that the more I can learn about it now, the more I can be more prepared for how it evolves in the future.

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