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The word Life Insurance magnified

I want to share a personal story that showed me first hand the impact of having (or not having) life insurance. In 2019, a close relative passed away from an illness. This was a tragic situation but what made it even more difficult is that his life insurance policy only covered accidents…and not sickness. So the entire family had to come together to pay for funeral expenses and more, which were a little more than $15,000. This was not easy for some that had to take out loans or use all their savings. The following year, we had another tragic situation in which another close family member passed. This time, though, managing the funeral expenses was different. She had life insurance for “final expenses” (funeral and related costs) and it paid for all costs. Of course this did not lessen the heartache we all felt but we at least were able to focus on mourning rather than scrambling to pay for the costs. So I encourage everyone to think about life insurance when planning for the future. If you want to learn more about life insurance, please visit our Life Insurance Portal.

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