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Distracted driver with a red "x" mark in front

Distracted Driving is a big reason why we are seeing more rear-end and side-swipe accidents than ever before and helps explain why auto insurance rates have been going up lately. But more concerning are the human costs:

  • In the first half of 2023, more than 19,500 people died because of car accidents (1)…many of which are caused by distracted drivers.

  • 58% of all teen accidents are caused by distracted drivers.(2)

  • Four in ten drivers surveyed said that they experienced a “near-miss” due to their own distracted driving. (3)

Because of these numbers, we have reached a point that we have to take steps to deal with Distracted Driving. This may involve:

  • Setting up your Iphone or Android phones to block calls or text while you are on the road

  • Having a serious conversation with your teen children about Distracted Driving

  • As a passenger, letting a driver know when they are being distracted

In the end, we all have to come up with our own plan to stop Distracted Driving. It’s become serious enough that doing something about it could save you or someone else's life.

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