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I believe I am a nice guy but I have learned that when it comes to accidents, you have to follow certain rules, even if the other driver does not agree. For example, a customer of ours was hit by another driver who admitted fault and asked if he can just pay for the repairs at his friend’s body shop. Unfortunately, this was not a good body shop and the quality was so low that the paint used did not match the rest of the car. So eventually my customer had to open a claim with his own insurance. In another case, my customer was hit by a driver that asked him not to call the police and said he would call his insurance company to admit fault and have them repair his vehicle. He did call his insurance company but gave a different version of the accident, which resulted in my customer paying for his own repairs. So to avoid surprises, we recommend that after an accident to follow these basic rules (1) Exchange insurance, registration, license and contact information. (2) Take pictures of damages to all vehicles. (3) Call the police to see if they can write a report. (4) See if there were any witnesses. If you are an InVision Insurance customer, you are also welcome to call our Bell Gardens office at 323-773-4429 for further guidance and support.

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