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Picture of car DVR

Imagine you are driving down the road when a car to your right swerves into your lane and hits your car. Clearly the driver of the other car is at fault because you were in your lane, but are they REALLY responsible for the accident? If the other driver insists that you were at fault, it becomes “your word against theirs”. When insurance companies come across this situation, they look at all the evidence to determine who is truly responsible, including where the damage is on each of the cars, or if there are witnesses. But sometimes they are not able to determine who is at fault which may ultimately lead to you having to pay out of pocket for your own repairs or deductible. This is why we recommend a Car DVR. This is a car camera that starts recording when you turn on your car. It serves as a “witness” in case you are in an accident and the other person unfairly tries to blame you. We recommend the Garmin Dash Cam Mini (click on this link to learn more) that is high quality and relatively inexpensive. Look at the third article to see how you can win one for free!

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