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3 Must Use Tax Tipcs

Tax season has arrived! Here are 3 "must use" tips when preparing your return.

  1. BIG CREDITS FOR STUDENTS - If you or a dependent child attends college or vocational school, you may qualify for The American Opportunity Credit & The Lifetime Learning Credit that can mean hundreds in tax savings. Make sure to keep your receipts for these expenses.

  2. PARENTS AS DEPENDENTS - Dependents can be more than just children living at home. Your parents and even other relatives can qualify as long as they meet certain requirements.

  3. SHOP YOUR TAX PREPARER - There is a big difference between tax preparers. Some charge hundreds of dollars more than others for the same returns and not all are fully licensed.

Did you know that InVision prepares taxes for individuals and families for as low as $75? Call or reply to this email if you want to learn more.

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