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Clean Air Vehicle decal with caption An Easier Commute

When people find out that I live in Rancho Cucamonga and commute to Bell Gardens, the typical response is “wow”, but then I share my “secret” with them. Not too long ago I purchased a Prius Prime vehicle that uses both gas and electric power which enables me to drive in the carpool lane. The DMV gave me “Clean Air Vehicle” (CAV) stickers that enable me to drive in the carpool lane with just one person in the vehicle. This saves me a lot of time on the road to spend in the office or with my family. It used to take me around an hour and a half to commute to work. Now it takes me a little longer than an hour. So if your commute is long, think about getting a car that qualifies for CAV decals. Price does vary by car but there are a lot of options and there are used ones that can qualify. To find out more please click on this link.

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